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The Barns at Cooper Molera // Monterey Wedding Photographer // Cindy and Todd

December is the heart of the rainy season in California, so it can be a little bit of a gamble to plan a wedding this time of year. Cindy and Todd, however, knew that rain or shine, their wedding day would be unforgettable as long as they got to spend it with friends and family. So when the forecast for strong rain on the big day came to be, Cindy and Todd remained completely positive so that they could make alternative plans to ensure the weather wouldn’t put a damper on the big day.

However, the nature gods had a different plan in store, and it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day until seconds before the ceremony which was already scheduled to be indoors! We were able to capture getting ready, first look, and wedding party/family portraits – all before the ceremony! Everything fell into place perfectly – there was even a short rain shower to let us take some cute shots with umbrellas. Throughout the remainder of the wedding was inside the beautiful Barns which we all love. Photographing this couple was a dream as it was full of of laughter, tears, and a bunch of dancing!

Check out their engagement session for more cute pictures.

Poem written by Todd:

They met volunteering, packing cans of veggies and fruit
He thought to himself, “Damn, this girl is super cute.”

If he had it his way, it would have all started then
But she’d make him wait a few years, to be exact, it’s been ten

He asked her once, when he was a little intoxicated
She politely declined, he wasn’t the type of guy she dated

They remained good friends, their relationship had grown
Though not how he envisioned, he was firmly in the “friendzone”

They talked a lot, hung out, discussed issues and relationships
They fell in love with others, grew as people and gave each other dating tips

One day they spent riding horses, and when it came to an end
He got the courage to ask. Her response – “You’re just a friend.”

Time had passed, they still talked and remained super close
He thought “Should I move on? Or try again with who I like most?”

He saw her favorite artist, and had a custom picture drawn
He thought “If this doesn’t work, it’s time to move on.”

He gave her the picture, and with it a special note
It was long and illegible, but here’s the gist of what he wrote

“I’ve liked you since I met you, so this is me leaping off the cliff”
“I had to give it one last try, I can’t live life thinking ‘What if?'”

She waited to respond, long enough for him to second guess
But one day he asked her answer, and she replied with a simple “yes”

Three years later and here they are
Forever in love, and thankful they’ve come this far

Venue: The Barns At Cooper Molera \ Planning and Floral: Taneva Events \ Catering: The Events By Classic Group \
Rentals: Revival Rentals \ DJ: Monique Simone \ Hair/Makeup: Wendy Tran


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