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I used to think I was a pretty good dancer until I met Marisa and Martin! I follow Marisa, who is a professional dance teacher, on Instagram and WOW her moves are amazing. I’ve tried a few myself but I know when I’m beat. =) Although I used some of my dancing moves to help bring everyone at ease at the engagement session, I reminded them to not make me dance at their wedding as I am sure to be outclassed! These two will be tying the knot at the beautiful Kennolyn Hilltop Hacienda in Santa Cruz, CA.

Little About Them:
Marisa and Martin met in 2013 when they both joined a bachata dance team in San Jose. Marisa had moved out to California and was in the middle of her first year of her Teach For America service. Martin was enjoying his bachelor lifestyle and staying busy with his improv comedy group and side career as a dating coach. On the team they were immediately put together as partners and nicknamed “M&M.” 

Because Martin doesn’t do anything halfway, he decided that they were going to become bachata superstars and scheduled many additional dance practices at his house. Over the next three months, Martin and Marisa put in a lot of practice time together and got to know each other. Martin put all of his charm to use, but to no avail. Marisa enjoyed his company but thought he was too intense (AKA “extra”).

This all changed when it came time for the bachata team to perform together in Los Angeles. Martin and Marisa agreed to make the six hour drive together. Last minute, Marisa asked if her friend (read: guy she was interested in) could ride down with them which Martin immediately shut down. It’s a good thing he did because during the six hour car ride, they had incredible conversations and connected in a way that was undeniable. They had an incredible time together in LA and more life-changing conversations on the drive back. After that it was a done deal. Martin and Marisa have been dating for over 5 years now and got engaged exactly on their 5 year anniversary.


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