Welcome to De Joy Photography! My name is Amber Amelingmeier, and I have dedicated my life to capturing the most important moments of people’s lives. I thrive on bringing happiness, excitement, and fun to any session. I photograph much of my own life with my wonderful husband, three kids (4 month, 2.5yrs, and 4.5yrs), and three sweet rescue dogs so I understand how important it is that the emotions from your special day are felt every time to look at my images.


I was raised in the Dominican Republic with three sisters and three brothers where we spent our days outdoors riding horses, making campfires, hiking, surfing, and living among nature; an irreplaceable education that has given me a deep adoration of the natural beauty that surrounds us. I’ve lived on both sides of the United States, spent significant time traveling internationally, and have had many homes in many different climates, further developing my ability to notice and showcase the big and small moments of wonder that occur around us every minute of the day.

When I began my journey as a photographer over a decade ago, I knew instantly that I found my calling as a documentarian of love and life during my first wedding in India. The overwhelming colors and flooding scents of flowers and spices enveloped and embraced me with love and joy. Even as I experienced it I begged for the day to never end, and I drank in every moment that I could through my lens. When I awoke the next morning, I knew in my heart that my love would be photographing weddings, but I was months from graduating college and had a job lined up as an Environmental Consultant using my major in Biology and Environmental Science.


Although I worked during the week to protect the environment as a consultant, I spent every free moment honing my skills as a photographer, both during the evenings when traveling for work and from sunrise to sunset on the weekends. I was hopelessly addicted, and would even wake up in the middle of the night to edit the photos I had taken the day before.


My big break came in 2015 when my husband was offered a job in California. Although I immediately found a consultant role in the Bay Area, we decided it was time to go full time as a photographer. My life felt complete! Even before I made the flight to our new home I was furiously researching the area, flush with excitement to photograph in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. I photographed my first California wedding less than a month after arriving, and I’ve never looked back except to wish I had made the leap all those years ago.



When I photograph your special day, I not only tell your story, but also document the love and emotions so that you genuinely can remember how it felt that day. I believe a photo should enable emotions even for those who couldn’t be there to experience it themselves, and that the style and quality are without match. I will not only capture the day, but will showcase your lifestyle and love. My shooting and editing style is colorful, timeless, beautiful, and flattering. I want your heart to swell every time you go through your photos!


I am so excited to meet you. I am so excited to capture your love in a bold way. We will have boatloads of fun in the process, and you can trust that I am deeply invested in making all your dreams come true.


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De Joy Photography specializes in Wedding, Engagement and Bridal Boudoir Photography in the Central Coast and beyond.