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Santa Cruz Wedding Photographer \ Los Gatos Mountains \ Lily and Chris

This was an incredibly fun session, and to think it almost didn’t happen! I was getting ready for the session, always in a rush to get out the door, and got into my car with minutes to spare. However – when I turned the key – my car was dead! This is one of my worst fears come true as a photographer – missing a session with my couple! The only other vehicle was our very old farm truck. This truck has over 250,000 miles, barely goes over 30mph, and shakes like you would not believe when driving. Sometimes it won’t even go in reverse! Not only was I worried about making it to the session in this truck, I was so mortified about what Lily and Chris would think! When I arrived (on time) – Lily and Chris just laughed with me about it and made me feel so comfortable – hey that is what I’m supposed to be doing for you guys! Honestly, it was a really great way to break the ice as well, and made all of use feel comfortable right away. We had such a blast getting to know one another while taking beautiful pictures. I am so excited for their wedding at The Barns At Cooper Molera in July!

Lily and Chris have been dating since the summer of 2010 … so it’s about time they make it official! Their first date was at Ristorante Milano in the Nob Hill neighborhood of SF. Lily knew it was meant-to-be when Chris swapped dishes with her because he could tell she preferred his (pillow-like) gnocchi to her seafood linguine. Their love story continued in San Francisco for a few years, then took them on a coast-to-coast long distance adventure while Lily attended nurse practitioner school in New Haven, CT. Luckily school breaks (and Chris’ job) offered many opportunities to be together, travel together, learn Spanish in Guatemala, eat their way through Southeast Asia, and camp & backpack in Northern California. Chris came to his wits on August 1 when he finally asked Lily to marry him while on a beautiful hike through cheese country to Tomales Point. With the waves crashing in the background, she said yes! Now, the adventures continue in San Francisco and they can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with their dear family and friends!


How did you first meet?
Thanks to the Berekely contingency that managed to gain employment in San Francisco in 2009, Lily and Chris first laid eyes on each other at one of the various spontaneous gatherings. Thank you friends! Go Bears!

Who made the first move? How?
Rather than a first move, Chris made a series of moves in an attempt to woo Lily. After months of group hikes and adventures (love those pluots), Chris finally convinced Lily to join him on their first date at Ristorante Milano. The rest was history!

What’s your favorite activity together?
We love to tackle the outdoors together whether its hiking, camping, backpacking, or skiing/snowboarding, we feel most free while disconnecting from our busy digital lives.

Where are you going for your honeymoon?
True to form – we will trek our way through Iceland jumping from hut to hut on the Laugavegur Trail. While this may not sound like your typical romantic honeymoon, we couldn’t be more excited! To round it out, we plan to finish our trip in Paris. We’d love any recommendations if you have them ;).


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