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I spoke with Carrie and Josh the same day I delivered my son Azai! I think they thought I was a little crazy (and perhaps I am), but it was so much fun to speak with them on the phone, even with a newborn in my arms! These two lovebirds will be having their intimate wedding at The Perry House in September where “fun” is a must. I’m over the moon about capturing their wedding. =)

Even though I really loved these two before we met in person, I knew it was meant to be that we would be friends after we spent a sunset together for their engagement session. Although self described as shy, Carrie had a blast thanks to Josh’s hilarious personality (thank you so much Josh – you are the MAN), and after a few moments, I think they both forgot completely about the camera. They both warned me that they are not “photogenic”, but I think the pictures below speak for themselves! I am over the moon happy for this gorgeous couple – can’t you just feel their love pouring out of their images? I’ts so important to relax and remember to soak in the these special moments with your significant other – Thank you so much Carly with i see wise for Carrie’s makeup and hair!

Little from them:
It may surprise some of you to know that Carrie and Josh met at his birthday party. Right away, Carrie thought to herself, who’s the guy with the goofy ass haircut, little did she know, she’d be mack’n on him at Billy Bob’s in the weeks to come. From there, they had many experiences together, flights and crashes (literally, that Honda got fucked), ups and downs, but they went through it all together. Carrie has always had a lot of drive and determination, and that was greatly admired by Josh. Carrie fell for the charm and wit that Josh came along with. After originally meeting in Dallas, their relationship took flight to sunny California where they both live together in a massively overpriced 900sqft 1 bedroom apartment (which presents its own challenges from time to time). Their relationship has been incredibly rewarding and allowed them to both grow significantly together. They are excited for the future to come, and all of you to experience it with them.


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