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Santa Cruz Wedding Photographer \ Russian Open Space Preserve \ Kendal and Anthony

When these two pulled out of their truck, I fell in-love with Kendal’s gorgeous long hair and big smile. I have always wanted red hair so photographing a beautiful redhead was exciting! We started their session laughing which was a great start! I brought a pop up changing tent and Kendal was so cute, making the funniest comments while popping her head out with silly faces. My cheeks were already hurting and we just started!

It was a perfect sunset with the clouds surrounding us for a beautiful view. I thought we’d miss the golden hour but the clouds just sad on the tops of the trees and gave us a beautiful sunset. The view was gorgeous but what made our session were these two – they are so so in love! I am blessed to be able to photograph happy couples who are best friends and excited for their big day at The Club At Pasadera in Monterey. I can’t wait!

Anthony and Kendal went to the same high school, but never knew each other. Anthony was the football player and Kendal was the cheerleader, but both of them were surprisingly shy! One day, after college, they ran in to each other at a mutual friend’s birthday party and since they both recognized each other, they naturally struck up a conversation. Anthony took Kendal to sushi and the rest was history! 

For the proposal, Kendal got home from work after a particularly long day and Anthony asked her if she wanted to go for a walk with him and their adorable dog, Otto. There was a new walking path behind their house and all three of them were looking forward to checking it out. No more than 4 steps into the new path, Anthony tells Kendal to check out Otto’s new dog tag. He had been needing a new one, so she was glad that Anthony had gone out to get one made. Kendal bent down to take a look and it says “Say Yes!” Confused, Kendal looked at Anthony thinking, “shouldn’t it say Bark or something?” He told her to flip it over, which read “Marry Him?” Kendal looked at Otto who was looking up at her, tongue hanging out, only to look next at Anthony who was down on one knee. He said “I love you so much, will you marry me?” After about 3 seconds of staring at him in utter confusion, it clicked and Kendal said “of course I will!!” and they continued walking down the path hand in hand (maybe more jumping then walking!). Then 5 minutes later, Kendal realized that she  probably should put the ring on, so they pulled out the box from Anthony’s pocket and put it on. 

What a romantic way to ask your best friend to marry you! I’m a dog person so this proposal is adorable!

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