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There are few things in nature more representative of love than a classic sunset. Awe-inspiring and beautiful, it can hold you in a warm embrace, evoke tears, and fill an open heart with joy. Laura of View Point Events and I, along with several extremely talented wedding vendors, sought to embrace the special moments that are discovered under the glow of a warming sunset with the help of the natural beauty of the Santa Cruz Mountains.
To set the stage for the ideal wedding, Kennolyn was chosen as the perfect locale to capture the glow of a Santa Cruz sunset. Situated beautifully in the Santa Cruz Mountains, there are an endless number of ways you can plan out your wedding to both capture breathtaking views and enjoy intimate retreats for your special day.
Laura of View Point Events brought the latest home decor and fashion trends to create a romantic outdoor setting for a wedding to remember. She combined different textures of fabrics, wood, metals, and glass to weave a design that brought the reception to life.
Justine from Glam Garden focused on designing whimsical, romantic, and organically inspired florals to complement the beauty of the local surroundings. She regularly gathers inspiration from nature, and uses seasonal ingredients to create movement and variety in each and every design.
Christine of Epiphany Bridal Boutique brought the spirit we were looking for in transforming our bride into a true sunset goddess.
Alexis of Tart and Tin presented inviting, pastel dipped cream puffs with silver leaf that sat next to a giant, layered pavlova with edible flowers and chocolate dipped pistachio meringue cookies. Rosewater panna cotta cups with raspberry coulis, crushed pistachios and cotton candy are a perfect portable treat, while a plate full of French macarons are always welcome on any dessert table. Mini pavlovas are a trendy new bite to consider on your table that offer crunch, sweet whipped cream with a long list of creative toppings to entice your guests.
Nichole with Altogether Calligraphy envisioned a fully custom suite to evoke a modern classic design with a touch of old world charm. Hand-drawn botanicals and florals were created to mimic the beautiful plush gardens of the Kennolyn grounds. The combination of custom calligraphy and elegant italic text added the perfect touch. Nichole printed the invitations on premium cotton rag paper with a deckle edge and coordinated it with a pop of coral envelopes.
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