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Big Sur Wedding Photographer \\ Point 16 \\ Brittany & Kevin

One would be hard pressed to find a location that rivals the beauty and tranquility that defines Big Sur’s iconic coastline in California. Upon standing on one of the many plank decks that jut out over the cliffs and overlook the ocean, it is a natural reaction to lose your breath as the sea breeze flows through your hair and warm rays of a setting sun dance across your face.

For Brittany and Kevin, there was no other place in the world that they wished to announce their love- an adventure six years in the making, but always with the same end goal in mind. Their story is one of love at first sight, strong with a deep and understanding connection that is plain to witness just by being in their presence. There was never any question in Brittany’s mind that they would one day be married, and Kevin’s limitless devotion to his fiancé is obvious in tears that well upon seeing Brittney in her dress for the first time.

The excited couple began their afternoon at Lucia Lodge to prepare for the ceremony with the majestic sea-side views as guests for this intimate tradition. Once all the preparations were complete, including custom signs created by Kevin that detail many of their shared stories throughout their six year relationship, they arrived at Point 16, a venue that offers unparalleled vistas of the Big Sur landscape as a backdrop for truly unforgettable memories. Kate with Big Sur Flowers adorned the venue and the eager couple with floral arrangements that complemented perfectly with the natural greens and blues that define the vibrant coastline.

This ceremony was one of the most intimate I have ever had the chance to witness. The couple’s choice to elope made it possible for us to cater every moment to their specific needs and desires, an advantage that is rarely possible. The day was defined by its perfect conditions for a sea side wedding, where every moment and location presented an opportunity to find beauty and fun with a couple eager to make every second of their special day last forever.

As the sun began to set on the water, an orange and purple glow enveloped the venue. A cool breeze flowed from the ocean, softly cradling the landscape towards another peaceful evening in Big Sur. For Brittany and Kevin, the peace enveloped their moment to enable reflection on their adventure so far, and the many years of love and fun yet to come.